A Run is a Day

Add up the good moments

A run is like a day, just condensed into the number of minutes that you’re out there doing your best.

The first few steps of a run are like the walk to the morning walk to the bathroom; what hurts? How does the back feel? Uggg, so thirsty.

You get started with work with a few stops, a few starts. Check your email, adjust your shorts, spill some jelly on the counter.

At the two mile mark you settle in, just like it’s now two hours into working on a project that you figured would take 30 minutes, but you feel like your head is in a cloud. Your thighs feel heavy, your heart is filled with lead.

Mid-run, mid-day; lunch time - you remember the left overs from last night! You cruise past a scenic stretch, notice rich green grass, the babbling brook, a hawk overhead - what a time to be alive!

The mail comes. Another bill, a menacing notice, offers for credit cards you don’t need. Your hip feels a little weird. Sweat gets in your eyes. Maybe you’ll just walk the last mile.

Evening approaches. Most of the work is done, so you give it the gas and do your best sprint to the stop sign or telephone pole. There’s things left to do, but you did your best today.

A good run is like a good day; it’s not pure bliss, but a bunch of good moments all added together.

This week I cruised to ‘Winter Mute’ by Julia Govor (Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify). Lush, creepy electro beats with soft-spoken melody. Just the thing to get me over some of rolling hills of the back roads of PA.

It’s getting warmer, so the heart has to work extra hard to regulate your body temperature, which is why we all need to lower the pace, and increase the dancing.

I mean it - walk, slow to a crawl if you have to, and grab the goodness of the day that’s right in front of you. Keep things comfortable most of the time, keep it fun.

The Soft Run.