Guts and Bones

Mix Up Walking and Running a Bit

I love this quote from pro runner Karissa Schweizer.

“A lot of people will just go out and do a 5-mile run when they haven’t run at all, then they hate it. When you’re trying to get in shape, you should slowly work your way up in mileage, mixing up walking and running a bit,” Karissa Schweizer

The trick to running is to not hate it. That’s why eating ice cream is so easy - what is there to hate?

If you haven’t run in awhile, running for five minutes can be hard. Heck, I’ve been running for five years, and some days getting out there for a few minutes is dreadful.

There are just so many speeds involved in running, and you pretty much don’t need to get to the “out of breath” speed unless you’re trying to run from dog that’s off its leash.

If you’re breathing hard and everything hurts, slow down. Walk. Your entire running fitness career is not made entirely in one run, and it’s not torn down from walking a few times.

You’re not a robot, you’re made up of guts and bones.

Dial up your favorite playlists, podcast, or charge up your camera for extra photo taking. OR - leave all electronic devices at home and just enjoy the sights and smells and sounds without any distractions.

Like Karissa says, mix up walking and running a bit.