Who am I?

I’m Seth Werkheiser. I live in PA and I started running in 2016 and it changed my life. I started because I couldn’t find work - for a long time. I started running because it was something I could control.

That said, I’ve been working in and around music since 2001, launching a handful of music blogs over the years (Buzzgrinder, Noise Creep for AOL Music, Skull Toaster), and now I manage Close Mondays, where we handle independent music publicists with their admin and social media, along with eOne Heavy and Death Row Records D2C email marketing.

So yeah, a music nerd that likes to run.

What is The Soft Run?

It’s like the Headspace app, but for the rookie runner. Soft and gentle, and it’s an email instead of an app.

I’ve talked a handful of friends through their first few weeks of a couch-to-5K plan, and encouraged some other folks to “get back to running.” The Soft Run is like the DMs I write to pals on social media, pushing them to get out there for another run, all in a soft, gentle, encouraging way.

Am I a coach?

No, no, no. I’m more of a guide, helping you find the joy in the misery of running your first few months. I’ve only been running since July 8th, 2016, so I’m definitely no veteran, but I’m close enough to being a rookie that I think I can offer some good insights and tips to help you set off on your running adventure.

Why an email newsletter?

Because things get lost in the fray on social media. With a newsletter, it’ll show up in your inbox when a new issue goes out. No algorithms, no fuss.